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HCI aka Human-Computer Interaction which is a procedure to understand the communication between users and computers. HCI is the branch or stream of designs where experts analyses and observe the ways in which users interact with computers. This analysis helps to design the technologies that let humans interact with computers in a perfect way.

Human-Computer Interaction discipline concerned with the design, evaluation, and implementation of the computing system for the human. To design the intuitive experience it is important to understand human psychology and emotional aspects. In the upcoming time, HCI will covers the almost all information technology designs.

Human Computer Interaction Design (HCI)

Usages of Human-Computer Interaction

  • Virtual Reality
    VR & AVR are used by most of the tech-friendly users. This device is the perfect example of HCI. The users interact with the device in noble ways.
  • Eye Tracking
    This is the concept where pointer moves as per the eye movement of the users instead of hands/fingers. The movement was recorded by pupil dilution.
  • Prototype Development
    The advancement in computer technologies give the requirement of new application software and make the process more complicated. Thus it leads to the software/ product prototyping in the discipline. Design became the important element of concern and also seen as the opportunities and necessarily interactive for the Human Computer Interactions (HCI).

Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction

  • Rise Of Usability
    Human-Computer Interaction or interface is the study of the usability. To create the software for the people to use it and found useful after the usage. This study helps to develop a tool which encourages usability. The beginning of HCI was detected in 1982, though from past two decades, HCI has emerged as a center point of computer science, research, development of applied social and behavioral science.
  • User Centred System Development
    The methods were focused to achieve the high usability of the products. The HCI helps to improve skill performance, subjective experiment, and user satisfaction. The HCI was concerned with refining the graphical interface and techniques to move the tool or software more usable.

Human Computer Interaction Design (HCI)

Benefits Of HCI in Upcoming Trends

Human Computer Interaction Design (HCI)

Voice Guided Interface

In the upcoming 5 years, it is predicted that speech recognition will rise to over 80%. With the development in microelectronics the screens will become smaller and with less screen display the interaction & navigation will become much harder. So, from the UI/UX point of view, the voice-guided interface apps & technologies will rule the devices.

Human Computer Interaction Design (HCI)

Virtual/ Augmented Realty

The virtual reality is in the process to establish the new set of human-computer interaction. As the entry of Microsoft in VR with the association of HoloLens makes this fields more interesting. The rise in VR technologies will boost the multiple types of new interaction and will also define the new parameter of a user interface and interaction system.

Human Computer Interaction Design (HCI)


Wearables devices & gadgets have moved the interaction technologies to a different level. Nowadays you can view another person pulse with smartwatch which was introduced by the Apple. The wearables market is slowly gaining the pace and lot more design patterns are yet to come and human centered interactions need to be designed for them.

Human Computer Interaction Design (HCI)

Micro Interactions

In the present scenario, smartphones have become an immense part of the digital lifestyle and interacting with smartphones and computers has changed drastically over the decade. The upcoming technologies which lies in the core of Human-Computer Interactions relies heavily on micro interactions.

— Conclusion

The intense and rapid development in the interaction technologies has tied the humans and computers more closely than ever before. Being as a designing, web development firms it becomes important to keep the close eyes on the interaction trends technologies.

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