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Product design is a process to create a new product for the consumers bu the business body. Product design is the procedure of developing the concept into real products. The product designers understand the conceptual products or ideas, transform them and invent products which are real and ready to use for the potential customers.

Digital product design is a segment of the product design which solves functional problems with formal solutions. This field is considered a subset of products design. In digital products design, the product can be physical, digital or both. Product design is all about the business analysis, marketing, research, psychology, software development instead of drawing.

Digital Product Design and Development

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Digital Product Design and Development

Process of Digital Product Design & Development

Digital Product Design and Development

Defining the Product Vision

This is the starting stage of the designing process where we define the product vision with strategy. The product goal should be clear and assist to streamline the upcoming product design & development stages. This helps to define the end product result and ultimate user experience which you're aiming. Product strategy is a combination of vision and achievable goal which work together for the specific outcomes.

Digital Product Design and Development

Product Research

After acquiring the product vision, the product research comes into the picture. The good research delivers more details on the product designing process. Apart from the market trends research, we also give more priority to users research and choice of target audience or consumers. It is important to know the market trends as well as the user trends to design the product more compatible for the users and other potential customers.

Digital Product Design and Development

User Analysis

The collection of research data delivers the fruitful information. The data helps user experience (UX) designers to understand, evaluate the end users. These data also assist to map the user's journey with a series of activities to accomplish the business goal. User analysis helps to drive or guide the users to obtain the business objective of the products.

Digital Product Design and Development


The designing stage is embedded with the 3 process Prototyping, Reviewing and Refining. Prototyping is a solution which can be easily reviewed and tested as same as actual products. Reviewing helps to gather the feedback to understand which aspect need to get focused. Refining is done based on provided feedback.

Digital Product Design and Development

Testing & Validation

Testing or QA helps to ensure the products is working fine & free from every bug. The testing of the products is carried out as a real environment to ensure the good usability of the products. The main goal of this function to detect the usability problems and to boost it to offer the great user experience.

Digital Product Design and Development

Pre & Post Launching

Product designing is an ongoing continuous procedure which keeps on from initial designing to as long as the product is in use. A metric collection is done from the market on basis of which user behavior is determined. These behavioral data helps to improve the product experience by adding the new features on users demand.

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