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Mobile apps have become an immense part of daily life and became the great source of the revenue generation. Dotnik Studio is a one of the best mobile app development company which design best UI/UX with cutting-edge technologies for android as well as the iOS platform.

Mobile apps are the best mean to target the users and to build a long-term relationship with them. It enables to send the personalized content to the users which led to an increase in the revenues.

Mobile App Design and Development Services

Why Mobile Apps are Important for the business

The mobile app usage statistics, deliver the important data about it. 1. Mobile apps consume around 52% of the total time spent on digital media. 2. 89% of the smartphones users spent their time on mobile applications. 3. 42% of the mobile sales of the 500 merchants came through mobile apps. 4. By the year 2020, the worldwide revenues from the mobile apps will cross the 80 Billion. 5. Average consumers install 30 apps on their devices and spent 35 hours in the month using on it.

The Various Mobile App Development Process

To create the best and successful mobile app, we need to follow the systematic approach of app development. Today's smartphones users were very conscious of the user experience design, user interface design, usability and much more. So it becomes essential to take care of the minute aspects in the best manner.

Mobile App Design and Development Services

Identification of The Mobile App Goals

Mobile App Design and Development Services

Target Users

The mobile app should be developed by keeping the audience in the mind. The clear vision for the app increases its usability and success ratio.

Mobile App Design and Development Services

Operation Platform

The mobile app is developed while keeping the aspects of hardware performance, battery consumption, and other peripherals.

App Designing

App design plays a significant role in the app development procedure. The developers & designers have to focus on the UI design, multi-gesture panel, etc. App designing has to become popular as its direct impact on the user's mind.

Development Approach – Native, Web or Hybrid

The correct approach of the mobile app development is highly important and accordance with the timeline, budget provided by the clients.

Mobile App Design and Development Services


Native mobile app delivers the best user experience and consume time to develop with the usage of skilled expertise and requires more knowledge.

Mobile App Design and Development Services


Web apps are can be developed quickly and cost-effective and can also run on the multiple platforms. These can be developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. These apps are less powerful than the native app.

Mobile App Design and Development Services


This is the latest approach of the mobile app development. This technology combines the pre-built native container on fly web coding in order to achieve the best. It also provides the features of API integration which are not available in the others.

Integration Of Analytics Tools

Analytics tools provide a clear picture of the visitor's movements and their activities. It also determines the number of new users in a specific duration.

Few mobile analytics tools are:

— Google Analytics — Flurry — Preemptive — Mixapanel — Localytics

Feedback Collection & Correction

Mobile App Design and Development Services


Beta testing is the first opportunity to grab the feedback from the target audience and also enhance the visibility in the App store. It also increases the app success rate.

Mobile App Design and Development Services

Bug Elimination

Before testing the apps on the major platform the apps need to test on the various bugs to hunt the bugs from it and to eliminate for the clutter free user experience.

Release & Deployment of the App

The mobile App deployment requires the plan, and control the movement of releasing the test in an actual environment.

Android Mobile Apps Development

Android mobile phones have covered the vast part of the market and have a huge number of consumers globally. Android devices were used every place like, home, offices, watches, TVs, Cameras, due to which it has become the open platform to develop the business mobile application which is easy to use and eliminate the desktop users.

Dotnik studio has successfully deployed the Android mobile apps for the major sector. Dotnik Studio is the best android mobile apps development company which craft the apps with all essential features to optimize the business in an eco-friendly budget and always focus to provide the bug & clutter free experience to the users.

Benefits of Having Android Mobile Application

Digital Product and Design Development

Low Investment

Capital expenditure plays the important role in the business. As Android apps development is an open source platform which makes it cheap and low-cost deal for the enterprises.

Digital Product and Design Development

Customized Interface

The UI can be changed as per the need and demands of the users. Android apps can be easily customized to deliver the best customer experience.

Digital Product and Design Development

Easy Marketing

With the latest Google Android version allows the stunning features where business collaboration & communication can be effectively managed. Android apps allow sending personalized notifications based on the locations, searches, gender, interest, etc.

Digital Product and Design Development

Wearable Devices

The wearable technology has become the trends in the corporates and various sector which provides the vast market for the android wearables apps like fitness, health, calling, security, etc.

Digital Product and Design Development

High ROI

As android apps development is an open source platform, thus require less investment which in return yields the high ROI. As app development is divided into 3 part development, testing & deployment which is a single one-shot investment, which delivers the high returns on investment.

Digital Product and Design Development

Open Source

This is the major feature of the Android app development which leverages the development from the royalty cost. These benefits make the development process easy and budget-friendly.

iOS Mobile App development

iOS is one the worlds favorite platform for mobile apps which can be seen perfectively while the launch of iPhone series.

Dotnik Studio is one of the best iOS mobile app development companies which ensure the quality iOS apps with the best UI/UX. There is no doubt that iOS has become very popular and provide a vast market for the business.

Benefits of iOS Mobile App Development

Digital Product and Design Development

Strong Brand Value

Apple has a great value of the devices of its best software, hardware, features. All these make it great brands similarly if a service or products have iOS apps it builds the brand value of the business.

Digital Product and Design Development

Better Target Audience

From most of the smartphone users population iOS users majority are low which creates the best opportunities to target the potential customers at great ease.

Digital Product and Design Development

Secure Transaction

By the creation of iOS mobile app it ensures the users about the end to end security and provides the strong wall against the data theft, viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Digital Product and Design Development

Enhanced Customer Experience

iOS platform users have great user experience due to its flawless technology. By creating the iOS app you can increase the productivity of the business and boost in the revenue.

Digital Product and Design Development

Setup Business in Developed Nations

Most of the developed nations consumes iOS phones which offers the best opportunity to set up the business in a developed foreign nation.

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